Hey there

I’m Yanique

I’m a Systems Strategist and certified Online Business Manager (OBM). 

My clients are mission-driven entrepreneurs who not only have big visions for their businesses but also have big hearts. They love what they do, they deeply care about their team and their business is an extension of themselves and how they want to show up in the world and serve others. 

I support these visionaries to create, implement, improve and simplify their systems so that their business can grow while creating space for freedom, creativity, greater impact and fun. 

Not to toot my own horn, but this work comes naturally to me, gives me energy and makes me excited. How excited? So excited I could burst into confetti just thinking about how to design, implement and improve systems all day!

This works out great for my clients who are not usually ‘systems minded’ yet they understand the value of systems and know how vital it is for them to be able to scale – simply. So by playing in my zone of genius, I help them stay in theirs.

How I Got Here

I started working in corporate as an IT Specialist and quickly realized it was out of alignment with who I was. I wanted my work, which took up such a huge chunk of my life, to be more meaningful and enjoyable.

So when I started my family, I decided to kickstart my own virtual business to be more present with my kids.

The combination of having systems as my superpower, my love of tech and the desire to be in the background while running the business and taking things off my clients’ plates led me to become an OBM.  

When I decided to stop doing ALL the things as an OBM and focus on my ONE thing that lights me up – the obvious choice was helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses using the proven process of my Scale Your Impact Systems Package.

On a Personal Note

I live in Jamaica with my husband and 2 kids and I’m in love with the #islandlife.

I function best when I’m around family and in nature and I’m most at peace when I feel connected to my Creator. I consider Him to be the Ultimate Systems Designer, especially when seeing how everything and everyone is connected. 

My faith is a big part of who I am, how I show up and how I see my work. 

I value integrity, honesty, being ethical in business, honoring the team, community and believing in something bigger than yourself.

On a much lighter note, I’m addicted to coffee ice cream (first step to recovery), I love a good laugh and I enjoy tending to my small backyard garden where I successfully grow some veggies and herbs while routinely killing others (sorry, basil).

Let’s Connect

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