You’re running your business day to day with no focus.

You feel like you’re flying by the seat of your pants and wish you had someone who could look at all the moving pieces of your business and show you what is working and what is not.

You’re ready to not just set business goals but to move towards them strategically with clear actionable steps.

If that describes you, then this strategy call is just for you.

With this strategy call, you will:

  • Be able to brain dump all your ideas of what you want to achieve in your business.

  • Understand what you need to do to get your projects off the ground and what systems you need in place for your business to run smoothly.

  • Know exactly what you and your team need to do for each day, week and month for the next 90 days to get closer to your vision!


This package includes:

Getting Down to Business Questionnaire

Consider this as a guide to help you brain dump all the things that have been flying around in your head. This will help me to learn about you and your business so we can make the most out of our strategy call together!

A 90-minute Getting Down to Business Strategy Call

In this call, we’ll have a chance to discuss your business and you’ll receive guidance on some strategies you can use for your growing business. What’s important here is that you’ll get clear on what your goals and priorities should be for the next three months.

Post Getting Down to Business Strategy Call Action Plan

You’ll receive a detailed 90-day plan of action showing you exactly what steps to take and what to prioritize and focus on for each month of the quarter.


You can finally stop spinning and begin to purposefully lead your business towards growth.

Investment: $297

Calm and relaxed with a lovely self-assured and friendly manner is how I would describe Yanique. I had the pleasure of being her client for the Getting Down to Business Planning and Strategy session.

The session gave me clarity for the next 90 days with a clear plan to implement. Before it seemed an impossible task. But now I have a plan and I know exactly where I am in my business.

I am enthused and now confident that I have the abilities and support to complete my new packages and make more money!! I have clarity on my business plan going forward and I know what to outsource to my VA to leave me to do the coaching and mentoring.

Yanique is suited to her role as an OBM. She is focused, clear and organised. I would unhesitatingly recommend her.

She is fab and every coach needs a Yanique on their team!

Carol Plant

Empowerment & Public Speaking Coach

Since my Getting Down to Business session with Yanique, I am super excited about my business even more than before! I am motivated to wake up because I’m no longer wondering what task I should do, if I should do it and when I should do it.

I feel like I have a map and with this action plan I can easily navigate one step at a time, feeling accomplished, like I am actually going somewhere and I know exactly where I am going!

I can make small steps with a greater impact and avoid time wasting and burnout.

As a whole I feel much more organised with this plan and I have more time to read and relax with my kids.

I enjoyed the way Yanique was straightforward and professional yet funny. I also admire the way she’s truly concerned about me and my business.

I think it is exactly what I needed to move forward and I definitely look forward to another session at the end of this quarter!

Ifolami Jones

Empowerment Coach